History of Ryvita

We’ve been baking Crispbreads for over 90 years, take a look below to discover a bit more about us and where we came from.

The Ryvita Company started trading on 4th April 1925

An enterprising Englishman, John Edwin Garratt, having seen crispbread abroad, started a venture in this country. The Ryvita Company started trading on 4th April 1925.

British made

British bakery set up

At first, we imported our rye crispbreads from Sweden. But, in 1932, a bakery was set up in Birmingham, producing one of the first ‘packaged goods’ in the baking field.

1940s Side 1

The first Ryvita tin

We sold our first iconic Ryvita tin.

30 June 1949 Building Factory 2

Building factory

1940 advert

Ryvita advert


A new bakery was built in Poole

A new bakery was built in Poole, after the Birmingham bakery was destroyed in a bombing raid in World War II.


In 1949 Garfield Weston bought The Ryvita Company which was the start of a close family involvement that still continues today. Ryvita became part of Garfield’s then company Associated British Foods.

Advert 1951

Due to war time paper rationing there was little advertising until the 1950’s. It was in this decade that Ryvita’s ads became truly iconic, starting with Dior’s ‘New Look’ which virtually turned RYVITA® into a fashion accessory.


Ryvita was photographed on the summit of Mount Everest as a thank you for providing the daily bread for intrepid explorers.


Ryvita bakery expansion

The original bakery expanded in 1971 and again in 1974, making it the largest single span building in Europe at that time.


In 1975, the range was broadened beyond the ‘Original’ with the introduction of a brown, ‘Swedish-style’ product.


Crackerbread was launched in the 1980’s.

Currant crunch

The Launch of Fruit Crunch

Spring 1998 saw a total departure from the savoury varieties to a ‘Sweeter Ryvita ... Currant Crunch’. This contained currants, and was sprinkled with honey, sugar, oats and wheat flour (known as Fruit Crunch today!)


Four varieties of snack-sized crispbread, Ryvita Mini’s, were launched: Mature Cheddar and Onion, Tomato Salsa, Cream Cheese and Chives and Garlic and Herb.


Stop making the garlic and rosemary Crispbreads

We were banned from baking our garlic and rosemary Crispbreads after local residents complained about the smell!


Ryvita Thins are here!

We launched our delicious flatbread range, Ryvita Thins.


Ryvita Rye Cakes are here!

We launched our brand new Rye Cakes made from popped wholegrain Rye.