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​New high fibre ryvita recipes​

Take a look at our new delicious high fibre recipes, to make getting your fibre in simple!

Ryvita omelette to supercharge your morning

Try this tasty and filling addition to your morning omelette to help keep you fuller for longer.

Kale and Sweet Potato stacked lunch

A nutritiously dense and oh so tasty!

Delicious Ryvita berry stack!

Ryvita for dessert, and it's high in fibre! Mmmmmm

warm up with a delicious high fibre stew

Ryvita make excellent dippers, and this stew will warm you up and add that fibre kick to your day.

Smoked Salmon with mustard and chia

Refreshing and packed with all the good stuff, this recipe will inspire you and give you that fibre hit!